Magical Forest

Today I spent time in a really magical and fairytale like place I had been so far.

As you walk in you are welcomed by this amazing sign. and a couple steps away you see the first "fairy's house"  or more like the guardians house, then you walk in through these doors and you enter a real village of wee houses.

as you keep walking there is more and more cute and tiny houses...

Until.... you come to the very end and there are 5 huuuge tea cups

I hope you enjoyed this post as mush as I did visiting this place

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5 komentarze:

  1. It looks so cute there and your dog is adorable too! x
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  2. Wielka szkoda, że piszesz po angielsku! ;)

    1. Pisze po polsku tylko ze na innym blog'u :)

  3. So cute ^^
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  4. awwh it's so cute.. can i have your dog? haha :)

    would you like to do follow for follow? :)


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