My Top Motivational Fitness Quotes

Hello everybody!!
How was your january ? Did you stick to your resolutions ?
This year I decided to not make any, as last year thought me so many thinks and had changed me in so many ways, so when January arrived I decided not to change anything as I'm loving the way  I'm living my life right now I am,
However a lot of you probably did made new years resolutions, and I know.. Yes, I know you probably are slowy getting demotivated . As January is over and we are moving into Febraury the new years hype is gone and you are slowly going back to your old lifestyle. If you are not,WELL DONE !! Keep it up !!

From personal experience I know that there are days were you just don't bother moving your booty of the couch and you end up not going to the gym or going for a run etc. Especially in a place like U.K. where the weather is just crap.  But one thing that I find that always works for me to actually get up are.... Motivational Quotes...WOW ! I know shocking right :) So here are some of my super favourite fitness-related quotes, enjoy !

"It never gets easier, you just get better"

"Don't stop until you're proud"

"I work out because I love my body, not because  I hate it"

"The pain you feel today, will be strength you will feel tomorrow"

"There is only one thing keeping you away from your dreams, it's your excuses."

"Push yourself because nobody else will do it for you"

"Train like beast, look like a beauty"

These are just a few, I actually have a whole ring binder full with quotes. I am real sucker for them :)
Let me know down in the comments your favourite quotes, they don't have to be related to fitness :) oh, and also let me know you new years resolutions and how you are getting on with them.
BYE !!

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6 komentarze:

  1. Reading this after an hours workout got me proud as hell :D
    PSS. I emailed you about our collab :)

    xx Kinga | Miss Glamorous Sweatpants

  2. These are great! It never hurts to have a little more motivation :)
    xo Kiki

  3. You`re so beautiful! <3 xxx


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