The Perks Of Being Single On Cupid’s Day

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I might be young and have just a basic experience with boy-girl relationships but I’m definitely not an anti-valentine’s sociopath. Yet still, the one thing hitting on the peak of my nerves each year is the constant lament of all single girls out there, who just can’t get over the fact their current status still starts with the dooming, letter ‘’s’’. I have no idea what’s it like to be ‘’grown up’’ and single. All I know is that when life sucks, it should never be because of this reason. I also know that being under eighteen and dreaming of a boyfriend to a point you hit depression is a condition that should be treated. Of course being in a relationship is what most of us dream, (if you don’t, you rule girlfriend!) but the perks of being single are just too appealing on St. Valentines.

1)      Love As In ‘’Self-Love’’
14th of February is ALL about amour and cheesy romance- things we enjoy most. But will a guy definitely allow us to love the day? Instead of being limited to a tight fitting dress, 15 inch heels and the clichéd restaurant reservation, we can spend the day on something we genuinely love. Roller-skating, window shopping or staying in to catch up on them soaps- no one limits us on those!

2)      Saved Pay Check
Let’s be honest, Valentines is the same way of saying to flush money down the drain to afford a sappy love card. Over prized teddies, a date out or a posh dinner in, everything soaks up them bucks like microfiber. No boyfriend, no expense.

3)      Christmas Take Two
On the other hand, since we’ve nobody to submerge in hearted goodies, why not spend on ourselves? I mean, who’ll know better what we love than us? The new Calvin Klein perfume or maybe the Forever 21 brand new spring collection? (Just saying). Savings are there to be spend on us and no one else. Happy Birthday.

4)      Girl’s Date Out
In a million years wouldn’t someone believe we’re the only Single Pringles out there! Since it was decided for the day to be celebrated, just follow the code. We can catch up with people we do love; mum, sister, best friend, and do the things guys detest (I’m talking manicure, hair and spa outing special).

5)      What Diet?
Sunday without chicken wings? Evening without triple chocolate cake AND extra cream? Weeks without McDonald’s snacks just to fit the perfect outfit? Screw them, we’re single, we stuff ourselves with whatever we wish and with how much of it we please, because guess what? It’s Cupid’s Day and we just love to binge eat.

Merry Berry Valentines <3 Spoil yourself, love yourself and enjoy the day J
With thousands of kisses to all single ladies out there (and to those in love ;)

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  1. I love this post. Self-love should come before any other type of love. Thanks for always being so confident and inspirational!

    - Lianne |


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