Autumnal Summers

Hello everybody!

I don't know how it is where you live but the summers in UK or at least in Northern Ireland are pretty crap.
You wake up in the morning and you think " finally the sun came out, its time to begin summer craziness" OHH NO !! Don't let that illusion of beautiful,warm and sunny weather, Fool you!! As soon as you step outside you are hit with the wave of coldness and rain, and I ain't talking about a drizzle or a couple of drops,  I'm talking about a full on shower.
It seems like the seasons forgot to change, we are constantly stuck in autumn!
Ok, I might be exaggerating cause we do get couple hours in the day were it's actually bearable, you CAN wear short-sleeves, shorts, dresses and sandals. But... Yes, there is a but, there is no point you wearing those things if you have to change anyways in couple of minutes cause it's gonna rain and from the temperature of 20 degrees it will suddenly drop to 3.

After living here for 10 years you just get used to it, and it doesn't bother me as it did couple years ago, and also you learn how to get the fullest of summer even when the weather isn't co-operating. You find activities that are suitable for a weather like this, such as watching tv shows or original series, or reading books.. Ahhh the exciting life we have :D
Yeah but there is only a certain number of seasons and shows you can watch.

Now all there is left is to count down the days until I go for my vacation, and its pretty amazing, I'm gonna be away for MONTH !!! Yep a whole beautiful month.


Let me know down below how's the weather were you are <3

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