Too Old, Too Young

Age... Age is just a number, right? Even so it still determinse everything we do.
Us teenager are in such a hard age, as we still don't know how to behave. Some activities that we want to do may seem childish or too grown up, but what is childish and what is grown up ?
How do we ment to know how to behave when even our own parents expect us to act like adults but still treat us like children.
How many times did you wanted to share your opinion about something but you didn't because you thought that you are too young and don't have enough experience so what would you know ? But sometimes children/ teens have more experience in real world, in real life, than some adults.

Activities -there so many to choose from :running, dancing, swimming ,painting, reading. As I mentioned these you probably sorted them out in categories such as child, adult, elderly, right ? Maybe not but that's something that I would do, for exampe, I would put running into adult and reading into ederly. But you know what I do both of those things and I'm neither of those categories. As a teen you might feel that you are too young to go to the gym or go running because people wont take you seriously or if you tell your friends that you  enjoying reading a ceratin book, or just reading in general, they might think of you as a boring person. So I often face the feeling that I'm or else too young or too old for something but what does this really mean ?

I want that phrase not to have a meaning I don't want to feel too old for playing hide and seek and not feeling to young to have an opinion.

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  1. I love this post. It’s funny because, even at 25, I can still relate! I love the freedom to choose whatever activities I like, even if they’re considered “elderly.” :o) Thanks for sharing!

    --Lianne |

  2. I really understand what you! And yeah for it's just numbers!!;)

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  3. About a year ago I was exactly like that: I would make excuses and refuse to try new things because I thought I was either too old or too young. Today I do whatever I feel like doing. I join my sister in a soft play, go jogging by myself and accompany my uncle to the gym if I feel like it.
    I think the real problem is, adults expect us to be mature and full of knowledge but won't give the opportunity to do so. Take part time jobs for example; ''we'll hire a young person... with five year experience!''
    It's a common issue for all of us, don't worry ;)

    Kinga | Miss Glmaorous Sweatpants


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