16 Thing About Me

1.I love airports- I love the energy, the rush and how its always so busy.

2.I love Italian food

3.I have a huge sweet tooth- Especially chocolate, I'm a chocoholic !!..... I need help !!!

4.Peonies are my favourite Flowers

5.I have a phobia of frogs, lizards and basically anything similar

6. I'm a health freak

7.I have never dyed my hair.. Never..

8. One day I would love to live in London, Los Angeles, Brighton or Innsbruck.

9. I don't have a favourite colour, but if I had to pick it would probably be coral or orange or lilac, and to wear it would probably be grey.

10.  I am a science person, I am just fascinated by it. - I mean there's a reason why I picked biology, chemistry and physics as my GCSE's.

11.I mumble a lot.

12.I find languages interesting, like how the heck did we end up with more than 3 000 languages. I mean who came up with them and who decided that we all be talking differently.

13. I love to travel, especially by the plane.

14. I hate competition.

15. I am a huge bookworm.

16. And... Lastly it's  MY 16TH BIRTHDAY TODAY !!

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