Goals for 2016

I can't believe it's nearly march!! I'm so scared that this year will go as fast just as the last year, can time slow down ? please just a little
Due to days, weeks, months or life in general going so fast I thought of couple of goals I want achieve in every month this year, I'm not gonna be sad if they don't come true but I wanted to make this so I have some kind of guidance through the year, Here we go :)

This goals is something that I want to accomplish within this march and next, so it's more of a yearly goal, It's to become a Pilates instructor or a personal trainer.
Have the best Birthday so far !!
Pick the right A-levels.

Really get into my revision.
Run at least twice a week.

Pass my Exams !!
Don't be hard on myself.

Have an end of the year party.
Not let exam stress take me down.

Spend more time with the people that I love.
Celebrate my Doggies 4th birthday.
Be more organized and not leave packing for my vacation to the last minute.

Have amazing summer.
Spend time with my Grandma & rest of the fam, that I don't see often :)

Enjoy A-levels.
Give my best.
Start summarizing my school notes weekly.

Have a great costume.
Organize/ Attend a Halloween party.
Pass my mid-term exams.

Be thankful- even though I'm not American or anything like that, I just think its a nice tradition :)
Get Christmas presents sorted.

Go to Austria for Christmas
Pass my Christmas exams
Celebrate new year with a a bang :)

Most importantly- Be Happy


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  1. I hope you will achieve every goal, and a number of other, unpredictable achievements!


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