New Chapter

New Day, New Month, New Chapter, New Me.

Hello Everybody..
long time no post, huh ?
Yeah... I know. Nearly 4 months. And to be honest there is no excuse except for that I needed to step back and think about couple of things and prioritize them or others. For the past couple of months I have changed .. no even before that I started to change in a good way.. at least I think so... I feel like I have grown up, become more mature, I somehow created who I really am, and that made me step back and think what I wanted to do with this blog cause to be honest when I started I had no idea where and what direction I wanted to take this blog... I still don't but I have a clearer idea now that I took some time off and that made me to 'Re-launch" my blog. I want this blog to now reflect me and my personality.
At about February time I started to put up post just in the sake of it,not all of them but some, and when I took the break I realized I miss this little place on the interwebs :) So now I want to create posts that I truly enjoy making and that I'm interested in making.
For the past month my life, has been only focused on 5 things revision, exams, A'level choices, exercise, and this blog. And OH MAN !! if I had even 5 hours of sleep I felt like a God !
So yeah guys... I made some changes in my life, and on this blog. And now with full honesty I can promise you that I will be putting content that I love making and that it will be regular, lets just say I had sometime to think about couple of posts.


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  1. This is exactly what's going on with me right now as well :( Zero inspiration! I want to write about things I enjoy but it seems like the expectations overtook a real passion. I have fingers crossed for the both of us and hopefully we'll get our act together soon enough! :D


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