Haul: Primark, Superdrug & Yankee Candle

Hey!! Long time , no post, huh ? well... yea, sorry guys I am currently going through mid-term assessments in school, so I'm trying to focus on those, but the bright side of my 2 week absence is that I came up with so many post ideas, and I had set myself a goal to post atleast twice a week. Eeeek!!! I hope I can make it.
But don't focus on that, today I'm here with a little haul.. I hope you enjoy it :)

- £8

- £8

Yankee Candle
- Cranberry pear 
-Fireside treats 
£1.80 each

-Nail polish - £0.50
- Foundation & Concealer brush - £1.50

-Zoella Soap Pop- £5
-Zoella solid fregrance- £5
-MUA brown pencil eyeliner - £1

I...  kinda went cray cray, I love clothes, I love make up, I can't help it.. I'm a girl :D

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  1. Oh Mi Gosh, dying for one of those candles right now! And the tops suit you so well :)

    I just envy you for having Superdrug up in the North! All we get here in the west is Boots and they don't even sell Zoella Beuty :/

    Have a super nice day!



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