Autumn Bucket List |2015

Buy autumn scented candles 
Read a book
Bake cinnamon apples
get more fairy light for my room
Buy cozy sweaters
Make an autumnal songs playlist
Drink hot chocolate
Take lots and lots of photos
Curve a pumpkin
Collect acorns
Make leaf roses
Bake banana bread
Wear warm colour nail polish
Take daily foggy dark morning walks 
Decorate the house for halloween
Have an awesome halloween costume
Trick or Treat


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2 komentarze:

  1. This is such a great bucket list! I'm really excited for Autumn :) It's just such a cozy season x

  2. Cute idea for a post! I always make a summer bucket list, but I never thought to make one for Autumn. I may have to make one too.


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