Stationary / Back to School Haul

Hey guys !! Can you believe it's already September ?? WHAT?? time flies huh ?
Let me know how was your first day in school. I luckly got an extra day because ya know I'm in my second year of GCSE' *flip my hair of my shoulder*  haha !!

Now let me get to my main point of this post which is stationary. I dont know about you but every year, this is my main favourite part of coming back to school. Here it goes !!

Pens and etc. - As you can see I kinda went cray cray with pens. I absolutely adore the stabilo pens, although I'm not the biggest fan of gel pwns etc.but these are the only exception :). You probably didnt know that about me but I can only write in blue pens.. it just looks so much colorful than just plain black, althugh black looks more "Professional", that's why I bought a 10 back of Papermate ball point blue pens . Along side of pens I bought highlighters and tipax :)

Post it Notes - You probably won't believe me but I get through these within a year and as you can see I already got  my hands on the green one, possibly because green is my least favourite color so I just want to get rid of them :D

Planner/Journal - I actually get a planner in school, but I always like to have one which is just for my personal things like when to write a blogpost or when I have appointments etc. or somebodys birthday. What can I say I just like to be organized. 

And that's it we made it to the end, that was my mini stationary haul :)
Bye xXx

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  1. I love stationary shopping haha something so thrilling about getting new pens.


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