Morning routine |Autumn School Day

6:25 - The alarm goes off and.. of course I hit the snooze button
6:45- I finally manage to get up with every single muscle of my body fighting with my mind. 
I go down stairs the first thing that I do is I pour myself a glass of water because you gotta drink that water !! as water is essential and it is really important for healthy body and mind, and for beautiful skin and hair.
6:55- I put my coat and shoes on and no other than go for a walk with my dog... sometimes it turns into a run :D (thanks mickey maybe you are  small but you definitely got a lot of energy in the morning :D)
7:30 - I get back home  and if I have time I lay in my bed for couple minutes catching up on social media .
7:35- Time to really start my day , during the week I try to keep my breakfasts quick but most importantly nutritious and filling so i don't crash by 10 :) its usually porridge made with almond milk with apple,if I don't have apples around I will use a pear,banana and cinnamon,  or I have whole wheat toast with Peanut butter and banana, and while the food  is in the making to make myself green tea( for me its important as much as water :)) 
7:50 - Eat my breakfast while i look though some magazines etc. or revise if i have an test on that day.

8:00- Go back upstairs and wash my face as well as my teeth, you better keep those beautiful pearls of yours shiny( sorry my childhood dream of becoming a dentist is peaking out, haha ) 
8:05-10- Get dressed, I'm lucky enough to have an uniform to my school so I don't have to think about what to wear 
8:10-25- Do my hair and make up 
8:35- The fun part, going to school(see the sarcasm )

I would love to hear what a typical morning looks like for y'all! share it down below , if you have a blog and you have done a post about it leave a link down below :) I promise to visit 


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  2. Wow that's so early when you wake up, I admire you! I always get up at 7:20 and check my phone, do my hair + make-up, put on uniform, prepare breakfast, pack my bag, wash them teeth and off I head for the bus at 8:10. 40 minutes isn't enough but I'd give up everything for those extra minutes of sleep ^_^

    Great post!


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