Christmas Lush Haul

Don't worry, I just have a serious Lush problem. 
The truth is I just popped in to Lush to pick up The Comfroter bubble bar, as I was running out of it, and it's my absolute favourite. In reality I completely forgot to actually pick it up as I was so over-wellmed with all of the christams range.

Here's couple things that I picked up, and I swear that if  I only had more money with me I would of come out of there with much, much more..

I picked up :
Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
Magic Wand Reusable Bath Bomb
Luxury Luch Pudding Bath Bomb
Father Christmas Bath Bomb
Rose Jam Bubbleroon 
(like macaroon but it makes bubble, ohh lush you and your puns/ play on words :D)

Let me know if you have ever been in Lush, are you obsessed as much as I am, and what's your favourite product/s of theirs ?
                                                   BYE!! -W

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3 komentarze:

  1. You're so lucky to have lush around! Believe it or not I have NEVER been to lush- how crazy is that? I think I might have used a bath bomb of theirs ages ago but I've never been to their actual store and gosh I'm so jealous :D I guess that's why I'm obsessed with every lush related posts and videos.

    Cute header btw :)

    Miss Glamorous Sweatpants

  2. Love your haul :))

    I've nominated you in the Liebster Award, there's a post about it on my blog! xoxo


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