Exam Stress

Hello there my lovlies, how are you doing today ?
I'm doing just fine. For the past couple of days I've been really stressed out about my MOCK's and all of that and the words like enzymes, photosynthesis, kinetic energy, atom ,and the list goes on and on, were the only words I had in my mind ... Oh there were also some french words, as I do GCSE french ..Fun ... not..
But anyway I have 3 out of 7 exams over and done with, now I just need to focus on Physics on  monday, RE on tuesday and chemistry and maths on wednesday. I'm not as stressed out about those as much because they are all in the morning, so I'm only in school for like hour and something minutes so when I get home I can revise for the next day, except for wednesday because I'm gonna be in school for the most of the day, but I get the first session off , so thats good :)

Thanks for reading :)
Love you, BYE !! <3 wish me luck

Hej kochani, jak tam u was ?
U mnie no.. moze byc .
przez ostatnie dni bylam strasznie zestresowana tymi probnymi eksaminami i wgl, ale ma juz 3 za soba jeszcze tylko 4, za bardzo sie nimi nie przejmuje moze dlatego ze dopiero je zaczne w poniedzialek . wiec w poniedzialek mam fizyke bede w szkole tylko przez jakas godzine i iles tam minut , i wracam do domu i moge sie zaczac uczyc na religie nastepnego dnia, religia tak samo jak fizyka bedzie tylko trwala godzine cos i wracam do domu, ale za to w srode jest ostatni dzien egzaminow (przynajmniej dla mnie) i mam matme i chemie ale dopiero okolo 10:30 mam byc w szkole wiec mam dodatkowe poltorej godziny :) 

Trzymajcie za mnie kciuki :)
Kocham was, Paaa... <3

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  1. Hope you did great on all of the exams. My exam period is just getting started. Great post.


  2. I love your blog :)
    Following your blog now, hope you'll follow too :)


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