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Hello everybody, I'm sorry for not posting in a long time the truth is I was enjoying summer and the weather but today the weather went back to its usual in ireland so I have time to write this post.

 Today I want to share with you something that I have expirienced couple weeks ago, basically me and 2 of my friends went for ashopping trip to town near mine and so we took a train and on the way back as we were waiting for our train to come, an older man that was across the lanes from us started shouting,.. maybe no, shouting is a wrong word more like speaking loudly so we could here him.

At the start I wasnt paying attention as, I think I was on my phone or just daydreaming but when I finally when my friend got my attention and pointed at the man I realized what he was saying and these were the sweetest word and they were "you are lovely, girls!" these words totaly made my day, my week or even my year, its weird how this man told us that ,when I was feeling really bad about my body and I was slowly going back to that spiral of thoughts that i had about a year ago that made me feel really insecure but this experince showed me that no matter how ugly you think you are there always will be people who see you as pretty !

so guys todays question is have you ever had experince like that ?
please leave a comment :)
Thanks for reading, byeee!!

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